What can I do with leftover sourdough bread?

When you’ve put in the time and effort required to make a loaf of sourdough, you won’t be too quick to throw it away once it’s gone stale. Ideally, you will have consumed the majority of the bread while it was fresh, within the first day or two of baking. But this isn’t always possible.Continue reading “What can I do with leftover sourdough bread?”

Basic Sourdough Bread

I want to let you in on a little secret. Sourdough bread is simple. Dead simple. It is literally just flour, water, and salt. So why can it feel so overwhelming?? The thing is, there are a million different ways to make sourdough. Truly. And that is where so many of us get hung up.Continue reading “Basic Sourdough Bread”

How to make your own sourdough starter

Most of us have that one friend who makes sourdough who would be oh so happy to share a smidgen of starter with us. I am *absoultely* your gal if we’re friends in real life. But maybe you live far away from this sourdough-obsessed friend, or you think you’ve killed your starter one too manyContinue reading “How to make your own sourdough starter”