How to actually stick to a grocery budget

Everyone is talking about it: inflation, rising costs of food, shortages… it’s a real thing affecting many of our everyday lives. While ultimately the solutions to the problem are much larger than me, there are some things we can do to minimize the effects. Enter: the grocery budget. Most of the items in our budgetContinue reading “How to actually stick to a grocery budget”

Elevate your laundry routine

Are you ready to elevate your homemaking in the next area of your home? I thought it would be appropriate to tackle laundry next. Next to dishes, this is the next most repetitive chore in most of our homes, and also one of the easiest things to get overwhelmed by. Chances are, at this veryContinue reading “Elevate your laundry routine”

Elevate your homemaking: the kitchen

Homemaking, while extremely valuable, can become a bit dull from time to time. The same tasks need repeating day after day, week after week. It is easy to feel stuck and uninspired. Sometimes all you need is a tweak here or there to make homemaking feel fresh and enjoyable again. In this series of posts,Continue reading “Elevate your homemaking: the kitchen”

Stewarding dreams

I dream of a wide open space to call our own. A place where we can watch the sun stretch across the sky each day, admiring her rising and setting. A land that will become as familiar to us as a dear friend. A flourishing garden overflowing with sustenance and beauty in equal measure. AContinue reading “Stewarding dreams”

5 free ways to refresh your home for spring

When the weather finally starts to warm up after a long, dreary winter, my home can feel a little stuffy, cluttered, and in need of a re-set. I want the inside of my home to reflect all of the beauty and new life I see outside my window. While it’s fun to buy some newContinue reading “5 free ways to refresh your home for spring”

5 Tips to Simplify Meal Planning (plus a free meal plan template)

Ah, meal planning. It’s a love-hate relationship, isn’t it? I love feeling organized, having one less decision to make come meal time, and having the things that I need to make a delicious, nutritious meal for me and my family. I do not always love the actual sitting down to brainstorm 21 meals, every singleContinue reading “5 Tips to Simplify Meal Planning (plus a free meal plan template)”

How to Make a Moss Spring Wreath

Anyone else desperate for spring? Every year, come February or March, I get a bit restless. My winter hobbies have lost their charm and I just want to get my hands in the dirt and enjoy the sunshine on my face. But alas, winter has really only just begun here in Montana. We have quiteContinue reading “How to Make a Moss Spring Wreath”