Garden Journal: June 17th, 2022

So we may want to rebrand this as a bi-weekly(ish) garden journal because it just has not been happening every week like I planned. Nevertheless, much has grown since I last took you on a stroll through my gardens, and I’m excited to do so again today!

Let’s start with the container garden, shall we?

Thyme and chives

Our herb container is looking extra lush lately! The thyme and chives have settled in quite nicely, along with some cilantro and basil that have just recently taken off. This week I direct sowed some sage, oregano, and parsley, and I have some baby dill coming up that I sowed maybe a week or two ago. We have had an unseasonable amount of rain this spring, and just the last few days things have really started to heat up. The garden is loving it (as am I) and everything seems to be growing exponentially. I love going out to the garden each day and seeing the progress my plants have made, sometimes even just overnight!

Cilantro, arugula and spinach trying to bolt, and more chives. So many chives.
Rosemary looking a bit scraggly. New growth coming in though!
Buttercrunch lettuce looking succulent and lovely despite the heat.

Our lettuce is really jamming! We have been eating our fill of salads. There is nothing like a salad made from spring garden greens. I have been harvesting lettuce about every other day, and it just fills itself right back in. So incredible. My spinach and arugula are on their way out and trying to bolt, and I know the lettuce will likely do the same if this heat keeps up. Although buttercrunch lettuce seems to hold up quite well, and I am trying a new variety this year called Marvel of Four Seasons, which is supposed to be bolt-resistant. So far, so good! Thinking I will move some containers to a shady spot and see if I can get a summer harvest of spinach and arugula by starting another round.

More buttercrunch.
Rainbow Chard.
Strawberries. We have a few about to ripen! Need to find a way to keep the birds from finding them before we do.
There is a lot of food growing in this little corner! It is amazing how much you can grow in a small space.

Next, out to the raised beds! Most of my tomatoes have adjusted to their new homes and are starting to put on some new growth! There are a few that are struggling, I think they were just a bit too small when I put them out. We have had lots of wind and rain, so they’ve taken a beating. I have quite a few more seedlings that I started, so I may end up switching the sad ones out with healthier ones. Going to give them another week or so maybe to try and get established first.

Pruden’s Purple Heirloom tomato. A new variety for me. Heartiest plant so far this season.
Yellow Pear Tomato
One of my Romas. Still pretty puny, but the looking the best out of the determinate bunch so far.

I have some snow peas growing in with some of my tomatoes, and they are struggling too. We all look forward to pea garden snacks, so I may just need to start a new round. These were transplanted and I don’t think they were too happy about it. I put out my peppers this week, and they also don’t look too happy about it! I didn’t realize how much wind we would be getting, so they are looking rough. A couple even shriveled up, sadly. But as with the tomatoes, I started WAY too many seeds so I have a few more pepper seedlings that need homes. I’ve lost track of most of the varieties so we will see what we get!

Some sad peppers. I believe this one is a habenero.

When I planted out my peppers I also sowed a few cucumber seeds in the same bed. Need to get a trellis up for them and for the peas! In between tomatoes I planted some nasturtiums and a rogue lemon gem marigold plug I had left over. I am really excited for these bed to fill in and to look out my window to see three columns of green, luxuriant growth.

My flower bed is coming along! The sunflowers have grown a lot in the last few weeks, and my zinnias are looking healthy as well. It’s time to direct sow a few more flowers in here, so that is on the gardening agenda for this weekend. So looking forward to having blooms out here and some to bring inside, too!

Getting tall! Baby snaps and zinnia in front.
Hello, lovely.
Sweet baby zinnia.

In the perennial bed, the hostas have arrived! Their leaves are so soft and vibrant and sweet. I love watching them open and fill out this space a bit more.

Last hosta, just starting to unfurl.
The foliage on this hellebore is so fresh and just stunning.

Thanks for joining me in the garden today! Every time I do a garden tour I add lots to my gardening to-do list! Looking forward to getting after it this weekend. I hope you are enjoying this early summer weather and soaking up all the early summer garden has to offer.

Until next time,



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